Remembrance Day Prizes!

The following Bert Ambrose Students won prizes in the Remembrance Day Contest held in November:
Elijah Lindh – 3rd place in Poetry ContestEthan Avanthay – 2nd place in Essay ContestOwen Brown – 3rd place in Essay ContestChloe Burgher – 1st place in Colour Poster categoryAshley Lawson – 3rd place in Black & White Poster category

Mrs. Dutchak and Ms. Gatt’s busy classes!

Our (Ms. Gatt and Mrs. Dutchak) totems are all finished. Students learned about the significance of totem poles to the West Coast Indigenous groups of Canada. They studied traditional colours, animals, carving tools and techniques as well as the types of totem poles. Students designed a totem pole piece where the animal and colours chosen represented their strengths and characteristics. This project linked to Social Studies, Visual Art, ADST and the the Personal/ Social Core Competency.

Mr. Dutchak’s class collected items for Peace Seniors Connect and Care as a way to give back to our community. Items were picked up this week and we hope to brighten someone’s Christmas this year. 

We also went to the ELC to make support posters for the Trackers 4th Annual Foodbank game. A few of the Trackers stopped by and signed our posters. I huge thank you to Mr. Salinas’ Communication class for helping us design, create and paint our posters! 

School Email

Just a friendly reminder that if you are emailing the school to let us know of student absences, please email This is the school email and it is the one that is checked by a replacement if Mrs. Selin is absent. Thank you for letting us know when your children are absent, it is much appreciated!

Roots of Empathy

Mrs. Watchel’s 2018-19 Kindergarten class enjoyed a visit with Baby JT and Mrs. Larsh from our Roots of Empathy program. The students were excited to see how many new milestones Baby JT has achieved!