• Tomatosphere

    As part of a nationwide science experiment to determine the effects of extreme conditions on plant growth, students in Mrs. London’s class have been growing tomato plants this term. One set of seeds was exposed […]

  • Congratulations to our Band Students!

    Hello friends and family of the SD60 Beginner Band! The results for our Band Festival Competition are IN… enjoy watching our performance! Bert Ambrose & Duncan Cran: Epic Battle 3000 In early March, the students […]

  • Growing Smiles

    Get your Growing Smiles orders in before the order deadline tomorrow! Amazing quality! Paper order forms went home last week. If you need another one please contact Mrs. Eldridge at 250-785-2321 or I have attached […]

  • Wind Turbines

    Last week, students in Mrs. London’s & Mrs. Barr’s class worked with small teams on a wind turbine challenge. They used the design process (design, create, test, make improvements) to build a wind turbine that […]

  • Ms. Cronin – Landforms

    Ms. Cronin’s class has been learning about landforms and had the opportunity to make their own landform and to see how erosion can change the landform.

  • The Cay – Models

    On Friday, Mrs. London’s class worked with partners to build models of the island from our Novel Study, The Cay.