Paula London

Mrs. London started her teaching career at Bert Ambrose School in September 1990 and has enjoyed working in this community for most of her career. Her favourite things about teaching are getting to know new students every year and being in a constant state of learning. She enjoys working with technology and exploring hands-on learning experiences such as 3D printing, design and build challenges, programming with Micro:bits, and stop motion animation. In her spare time, Mrs. London participates in a variety of physical activities: cycling, curling, golfing, swimming, and yoga. Her favourite pastimes include reading, painting, traveling, and learning about different countries.

Every year, Mrs. London embraces the challenges that are brought forth by change. This year she is looking forward to using technology to help students stay connected with the classroom when they are not able to attend school and working with parents to establish homework routines and work habits that will help students to be successful in Grade 6.

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