Kathy Hagen

My name is Kathy Hagen. After taking some time off to complete my education, I am happy to be back with my school family that I have been a part of in some way for the last 12 years. I started my journey with Bert Ambrose as a mom who volunteered in her children’s classes and helped with hot lunch. Bert Ambrose was where I began my career as a certified EA, before moving on to becoming a teacher.

I love seeing students excited about an assignment or some new learning they have been a part of. My heart sings when I see students stepping outside of their comfort zone to try something new because they know that my classroom is a safe place for them to do so. I believe that real growth often comes after numerous unsuccessful attempts. I have learned many things from students over the years. One quote that stands out to me that I hear in my mind all the time is, “Mrs. Hagen, it’s OK to do plan B.”

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