100's Day Celebration

Bert Ambrose students celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, February 16th. Our Kindergarten to Grade 2/3 children spent the morning in their classes doing activities focused on the number 100.  Our afternoon was spent with students in mixed groups as they rotated through centres involving finding and building numbers, dice games, puzzles, building, movement and a celebration centre.
Bert Ambrose School sends out a huge THANK YOU to the Fort St. John Safeway. Canada Safeway donated 200 sugar cookies and enough icing to help the Kindergarten to Grade 2/3 classes celebrate the 100th Day of school this year.
A special thank you to the store baker who went out of his way to make sure these cookies were “just right” and to Mr. Krezanoski who helped facilitate the donation.  The students and staff of our school are most thankful!