• XploreFest

    On Thursday, May 4th the Grade 4 and 5 students from Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Holloway’s classes went to the Pomeroy Sports Centre and participated in XploreFest. The afternoon was geared towards inspiring students about future career options.

  • Student Conference Day – March 17, 2023

    On March 17 we held Friday our annual Student Conference and our staff worked extremely hard to plan and organize sessions. A huge thank you to Mrs. Stewart and Ms. Mervyn for all of their work to coordinate this special day. 

  • Diorama Building with Mrs. Hofstrand’s Class

    Mrs. Hofstrand’s class has been learning about simple machines in science. This week they were able to demonstrate their learning by making dioramas of common simple machines we use in our everyday lives.

  • Student Conference

    Bert Ambrose students participated in our annual Student Conference on March 18. Our day started off with 7 players from the FSJ Huskies joining us for a Q&A session and staying to participate in some of the activities in the gym.

  • Designing with People in Mind- ADST

    “This spring, the Grade 3/4 cohort at Bert Ambrose designed and built computer interfaces in an 8-week project titled “Designing with People in Mind.” Students were challenged to build a computer interface, in most cases a video-game controller,