• Jerusalema Dance Challenge

    Thanks to the inspiration of Mrs. Lee and the help of Tanya Hart (video and editing), we have an amazing school-wide dance compilation. This project was so important as it brought us together again as a school community after a challenging year of Covid restrictions and cohorts.

  • Welcome to Kindergarten

    On June 15th, we held our Welcome to Kindergarten event for next year’s youngest learners. It was so exciting to meet our new students and their parents and we look forward to officially having them join our school community in September.

  • T-Shirts – Mrs. Barr and Mrs. London’s Classes

    Here are a few of the T-shirts designed and created by students from Mrs. London’s and Mrs. Barr’s classes. The designs, created on iPads, were cut out of vinyl using our new Cricut machine in the Maker Room.

  • Maker Room Activities

    This morning Mrs. London’s class tried out one of our new Maker Room activities called Turing Tumble. They had to work in teams to build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles.

  • Track and Field

    On Thursday, June 10th our intermediate school community participated in a Track and Field Day! It’s an event that the students look forward to each and every year, and we were so happy to have the meet happen.

  • Planning for Next Year

    This school year is rapidly coming to an end and plans for next year are well underway.
    In order to plan, we need our information to be as accurate as possible. If your child is already registered at Bert Ambrose,

  • Butterflies

    For this past month Mrs.Stewart’s Kindergarten class has been learning about the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly. They were able to observe each stage of the development – from a baby caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

  • Designing with People in Mind- ADST

    “This spring, the Grade 3/4 cohort at Bert Ambrose designed and built computer interfaces in an 8-week project titled “Designing with People in Mind.” Students were challenged to build a computer interface, in most cases a video-game controller,

  • Intermediate Track Meet – Canteen

    Order deadline is TODAY at 3pm!
    Last call for Intermediate canteen orders for June 10th. All orders should be placed and paid for by 3pm today. Anything left unpaid will be cancelled.
    Order through hotlunches.net.