• Report Cards

    Please see below for the letter from Mr. Sloan explaining year end report cards. At this time there will be no report card generated due to the job action. When the strike action ends, student assessments will be reviewed and information will be shared with parents.

  • Hoodies and T-shirts

    If you ordered a hoodie or t-shirt, they have arrived. Please contact Tammy Greer to arrange pick up. If you miss Tammy , any unclaimed orders will be left at the school later this week.

  • Personal Belongings

    If you haven’t yet come to the school to pick up your child’s belongings, it would be a good idea to do so. If a settlement is reached, and students return to school teachers may ask for a return of some basic supplies to finish any tasks they are working on.

  • Withdrawal of Service

    Please click the link below for the latest update on the teacher strike. As noted in Mr. Sloan’s letter, this effectively means that today is the last day of classes for our students until a settlement is reached.

  • Job Action Update

    Please click the link below for the latest notice regarding the job action. At this time, a vote has been taken to support a further escalation to a full strike, but at this time no notice has been given as to when/if this will occur.

  • Student Walk Out Rumored

    The following information has been shared by the district office in response to social media reports encouraging a student walkout. In the interest of student safety (and lost academic time), please discuss with your children if they are talking about this.