Wind Turbines

Last week, students in Mrs. London’s & Mrs. Barr’s class worked with small teams on a wind turbine challenge. They used the design process (design, create, test, make improvements) to build a wind turbine that would produce maximum electricity when placed in front of a fan. Students worked throughout the week to see how changes in shape, size, angle, and number of blades would affect the efficiency of their turbines. On Friday, we had a final test to see whose designs produced the most electricity.
1st place – Adaora & Nora (6.50V)
2nd place – Charley & Katie (6.27V)
3rd place – Travers & Max (5.80V)
4th place – Ranita & Sophia (5.73V)
5th place – Seth, Jacob, Gabe (5.55V)