Additional Ideas and Resources

Check out our new look & latest navigableHealthy at Home ResourcesVisit our WebsiteBetter TogetherThis resource provides opportunities for families to make food together and generate positive emotions and memories that contribute to strong relationships.
Grades K-6Check it out.Pathway ProjectThrough simple, age- appropriate “Landmark” activities, children will gain vital tools for physical and mental health, and lifelong relationships that bring joy and meaning to life.
Grades: K-12
Check it out.WE Well-Being PlaybookThis Playbook is a hands-on guide filled with everyday tools, actions and tactics to nurture your own mental well-being and the well-being of others. Audience: Adults
Check it out. StresslrStresslr the friendly robot will help kids to understand what may cause them to feel stress, how they react to it, and how to develop healthy strategies to manage everyday stress. 
Grades: 4-7
Check it out. Fun Friday ActivityGet The Facts: Staying ConnectedDo Canadian high school students who feel more connected to their school, and the people there, experience other health benefits? Research has found they do!
Audience: Secondary, Adults
Check it out. Partner’s ResourceWITS Home Activity KitWITS, in partnership with DASH and Bateman Foundation, have created a kit of fun activities for kids learning from home. Designed with positive messages of kindness and inclusion, the Home Activity Kit includes books and a variety of outdoor and indoor activities that focus on creativity and SEL.Check it out.Donate Now to DASH’s Tackling Child & Youth Isolation During COVID-19 Initiative ‌  ‌  ‌