Classroom Champions

This year four classes at Bert Ambrose are participating in the Classroom Champions program – students in Mrs. London’s, Mrs. Lee’s, Mrs. Fraser’s, and Mrs. Tacey’s classes have been partnered with Olympic Athlete, Mimi Rahneva. On April 4th, we were fortunate to have Mimi visit our school.  She was accompanied by Alicia Lew (Education Coordinator) and Steve Mesler (co-founder of the program). Please check out the amazing photos from the classroom visits as well as our evening banquet – the students loved their time with Mimi and I think it is safe to say she had a wonderful time interacting with everyone as well!  Special thank you’s to Petronas for sponsoring the Classroom Champions program in our community and helping to organize the evening banquet and to Tanya Hart for her beautiful photography!
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