Engineers of the Future!

When Mr. Eastwood, a long time teacher at Bert Ambrose, moved south, he passed along his collections of empty boxes and plastic caps to Mrs. Tacey.  These supplies were used for a vehicle making project.  Also needed were Q-tips and plastic straws from juice boxes (thanks to the lunch hour monitor ladies and to Mr. Frankham for collecting the straws for us!).  “Big Buddies” in Mrs. Lee’s class helped the “little Buddies” in Mrs. Tacey’s class with the project.  Students selected boxes for the body of their vehicles.  They were given plastic caps and Q-tips and used these to construct wheels and axles.  They cut the plastic straws and fitted these as axle housings.  The axle/wheel pieces were taped to the boxes and the boxes were decorated to look like a vehicle.  Through this project, students learned about wheels, axles, shape,  friction, stability and proportion.  The Core Competencies of “Communication”, “Creativity” and “Critical Thinking” were embedded within the project.  Students were completely absorbed in the challenge and were very proud of their creations.