Haircuts for Bluey Days!

Three students from Bert Ambrose Elementary will be lining up for a unique haircut on Saturday, May 28.  Hana Edwards, Jordan Swanson and Mitchell Heck have decided to join the fight against cancer by shaving their heads to help raise money for the FSJ Hospital Foundation. If you would like to sponsor one of these students, please stop by the office and drop off your donation:
Here are their stories:
Jordan (Grade 3). On Saturday, May 28 I will be shaving my head for Bluey Days.  I am going bald because my Auntie Sherry Loney was diagnosed with cancer and lost the battle. I want to raise money so the hospital can have better stuff to fight cancer so people can live. When I think of my Auntie Sherry, I get really sad so I started shaving my head because it makes me feel happy to make a difference for others. This will be my second year shaving my head.
Mitchell Heck (Grade 4). I’m doing Bluey Days because several of my family members have been affected by cancer.  I like doing this because it helps raise money for the hospital so they can stop cancer. This is my second time participating.
Hana (Grade 2). I heard about people doing Bluey Days and this girl in my sister’s group in swimming had cancer.  She had to miss a lot of practices. I’m shaving my head to help people who have cancer.