Hot Lunch Orders Open


Hi Ambrose Community,
We are into our final term of hot lunch for the school year. Where has the year gone? Ordering will be open from Friday, February 22nd until WEDNESDAY, March 6th at Midnight.
This term as most of you might be aware, we will be participating in McDonald’s McHappy Day on May 1st. It is a very special day that we are always happy to support. It’s a busy one; so if you are able to help with volunteering that day (or any day), please look for the check box at the bottom of the food selection to make yourself available or email me at the address below.
Grade 6 families, please note that if your child is going to Barkerville, to not place an order for Wednesday, May 22 as your child will not be here to receive their hot lunch.
Paper forms are available at the office or you can email the address provided below. NOTE: Any accounts that are left unpaid as of closing will be notified of payment due. If your account isn’t paid by our first hot lunch, you’re child’s order will not be delivered until it has been paid.
If you choose to pay for your order by cheque, please make cheques are payable to Bert Ambrose APPLE Group. NOTE: If you choose to pay by cheque, your cheque will not be deposited immediately and may take several weeks.
The hot lunch website is:
New User Access Code is: gators
If you have any questions or concerns, please
Kelly Lynn Herriot
Hot Lunch Coordinator