Lions in the House

On Wednesday, April 10th, we had the wonderful opportunity of hosting 3 members of the BC Lions football team through a program called “Lions In The House”. Antonio Johnson, Keon Lyn, and Will Watson visited with students in Mrs. Lee’s, Mrs. Lavoie’s, Mrs. London’s, and Mrs. Barr’s classes.  There were 3 important topics covered during our session and students and staff participated in several fun activities as well.
Topic One: Power of Choice (Keon Lyn)
Students listened to Keon speak about making decisions and learned that life is all about choices; and how drastically one bad decision can affect you for the rest of your life.
Topic Two: Goal Setting (Will Watson)
Will encouraged students to follow their passion. He suggested being specific with your goals and to write them down on paper (commitment to the goal). WIll also suggested posting the goal in a place where it can be seen every day (high level of accountability). The long-term goal is key (big picture) but it is the short-term goals that are the important steps to get you to the long-term goal.  Will finished with “Never take no for an answer. Believe in yourself. Live out your dream!”
Topic Three: Trades (Antonio Johnson)
The last topic was a brief discussion about the importance of Trades and identifying it as a viable option for students when they reach high school. Antonio shared that 43% of all jobs opening next year will be in the Trades. is a great site to visit to find out more about Trades and how students can obtain dual credit while in high school.
Special thanks to Spencer Harris, the behind-the-scenes coordinator responsible for bringing this wonderful program to Bert Ambrose!