March 12, 2013 PAC Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Tammy Greer, Shaleen West, Sheilagh Close, Doug McCracken, Tammy Greer, Corrie
Bennie, Lori Kachowski, Ashley Bergen, Joelle Mickey
Call to order: 6:30 Adoption of Agenda (any omissions or additions): Joelle Mickey/Corrie Bennie
Adoption of minutes from February 12, 2013 meeting (any omissions or additions): Corrie Bennie/Joelle
Treasurer report: $25,654.65 in main account, $4,152.96 in gaming account. Cheque for $52.15 for antibullying
shipping is not cleared. Using $4,000.00 out of gaming account for I-pad bill. $8180.64 will
come out of main account to finish paying for I-pads.
D-PAC report: N/A
Old business: Easter Purdy’s sold about $6000, the PAC will make about $1500 profit.
New business: Mrs. Ollenberger is asking PAC to purchase 8 more tables for the school. Motion to
purchase 8 more at $40 each: Lori Kachowski/Joelle Mickey
Missoula is here beginning April 8th for a week & Paul Hann here May 13-17th. PAC will look at
purchasing a farewell gift for Mr. Hann. Will be tabled until next meeting.
Still need more hot lunch volunteers! If you can help out one Wednesday a month or more, please leave
your name at the office for Mrs. Hammond.
Domino’s fundrasising idea: looking at different fundraisers for next fall.
Regional science fair: April 9th at North Peace Senior Secondary. Fourteen students will represent Bert
Ambrose Elementary.
PAC will be purchasing 6 pairs of speakers for the school for the I-pads in the classroom and six Belkin
adapters for multiple headphnes. Motion to spend $120 for speakers, and $$108.00 for the adapters.
Joelle Mickey/Lori Kachowski
* Carnival: Theme will be Dr. Suess. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to make the carnival a go for May 8th.
Parent volunteer sheets will be put up in the primary classes and a notice will go out to parents after
spring break. If there is not enough volunteers, the carnival will be post-phoned until fall.
Tumble books: free to use for 1 year! Check it out Login is bertambrose and the password is books
Meeting ajourned: 7:00 p.m.