Pink Shirt Orders

Bert Ambrose A.P.P.L.E Group E-News
Hot Lunch students: If you already have an account through that you use to order hot lunch for your child(ren), sign in as you normally would and proceed through the “orders” tab, exactly like Hot Lunch. Accounts with multiple children, please make sure orders are placed under each child’s name (same as hot lunch) to avoid confusion at time of distribution.Order Payments: We would like to encourage everyone with orders to make their payments online. We no longer work with PayPal, but through the help of Bambora you still have the option to pay with credit card when ordering online. If you would like to e-transfer, please use the email: using the password “pinkshirt”. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you not forget to reference your child’s name in the etransfer so we know where to apply the money. If you need to pay by cash of cheque, please submit your payment to the office with a little note stating which student the money needs applied to. Please note: If your payment has not been received by end of school day, Monday, January 20, your order will be cancelled as we can only order what’s been paid for.Please contact if you have any questions.