Remembrance Day

Bert Ambrose held their Remembrance Day assembly this morning. Our Grade 6 students in Mr. Flury’s class took on the leadership role of preparing and presenting this special assembly under the guidance of Mrs. Barr and Ms. Mervyn. Ms. Frasch’s Grade 3/4 class also shared the poem, “In Flander’s Field”. Each child in the school participated by placing a poppy on the wall at the front of the gym. Constable Johnson, our school liaison RCMP officer, was able to join us for the assembly. We appreciate all of the photos and stories that were submitted – the playing of this slide show was an important part of our presentation. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our assembly and a special thank you to the parents and other family members who were able to join us.

Remembrance Day Poem by Benjamin Krezanoski