Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Announcement – Thursday, September 26th (before lunch)

Hello Bert Ambrose School Communtiy! We are getting closer to our fundraising goal of $3000.  So far we have raised over $1500. to support cancer research.  We are halfway there, so keep bringing in your donations.  We will be collecting until Friday, October 11th. Students can bring donations into the office or you can donate online.

Remember if we reach our goal of raising $2500, Mrs. Kursteiner will take a pie in the face, and if we raise $3000. Ms. Macpherson will have her head shaved at an assembly.

Our Terry Fox Run is tomorrow afternoon, Friday, September 27 at 1:00 pm.  Terry ran regardless of the weather, he ran in rain, snow, sleet, and hail.  Tomorrow we will be going outside to run so make sure you dress appropriately and wear your Terry Fox t-shirt if you received one in the past. 

Terry brought all of Canada together to help raise funds for cancer research. Let’s carry on his dream and make our impact too!  Let’s have a great run!  Let’s do it for Terry!

Thank you!

Mrs. Fraser