The Week Ahead- Feb 4-Feb 8

Hello … I hope everyone is staying nice and warm on this very chilly Sunday.  It is wonderful to see the sunny, blue skies but it is very deceiving as the temperatures are still very cold.
You may have noticed that buses are cancelled for tomorrow and I would like to remind you that this does not affect Bert Ambrose. Schools remain open and classes will run as usual! If your child attempts to tell you they don’t need to be at school because “nothing is happening”, feel free to tell them that Ms. Wright would love to have them come and explain this to her.
Please make sure children are bundled and have appropriate outside clothing; sometimes teachers decide to take classes outside for a short movement break even on “inside” days.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PARKING LOT – last week we had 2 near misses involving younger students in our parking lot. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be extremely vigilant in the parking lot. I know it is not a fun place to be at drop-off or pick-up time; but a little patience goes a very long way. Please do not stop along the road way (between the school and the skating rink) – this is not a parking area; in fact, it is an actual road. With the colder temperatures, many people are stopping “just for a few minutes” and this blocks traffic and creates congestion. Additionally, we ask that you NOT stop in the area that is meant for pulling into the parking lot – it is fine to park along the fence but vehices should not be parked beyond the fence line. Lastly, please talk to your children about the need to move safely in the parking lot. Many of our little ones are small enough that they are not visible in the rear-view mirror and are at risk when vehicles are backing out. I know it takes a few extra minutes but it would be much safer for parents to park and walk over to the front of the school to get their children. The last thing we want is for a child to be seriously injured.
A huge thank you to all of the students and staff involved with last Friday’s Spirit Assembly. We kicked off our JUMP ROPE FOR HEART event (scheduled for Friday, Feb. 15th) and learned more about our Classroom Champion Olympic Athlete, Mimi Rahneva, who participates in the Skeleton event.
Monday also marks the start of our Reading Challenge – a big thank you to Mrs. Ollenberger for organizing this challenge. We encourage all students to participate by recording the amount of time they spent in reading activities.
On Thursday, February 7th, PAC is hosting Movie Night featuring the hilarious movie, Home.  Doors open at 6:00, and show starts at 6:30.  Please do not come early, as the school will be locked.  Students must be accompanied by an adult.  Admission to the movie is free and seating is provided.  We will be selling pizza, popcorn, and refreshments.  We still need a few volunteers to make this happen.  If you are able to help with clean-up (8:05 – 8:20) or with popcorn prep (1:00), please contact Tanya at (250) 793-0515. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We hope to see lots of faces at the movie!
Stay warm everyone!
Ms. Wright
Parent – Week Ahead 2018-19-2