The Week Ahead- May 6-may 10

Hello and welcome back to a brief winter interlude!  Hopefully this white stuff disappears quickly as the weather forecast for the upcoming week looks more like the spring conditions one associates with the month of May!
This week is another short one as we have the last Non-Instructional Day of this school year on Friday. Our teaching staff will be working with Mrs. Wanda Forster, District Literacy Coach, to address writing skills (one of our focus areas for next year).
Garden Club is starting up at Bert Ambrose.  There is a lot of initial interest from the students- approximately 70 students came out to the first meeting.  Most of the meetings or work sessions will be during recess and lunch.  Any parents who would like to help out are welcome.  This upcoming week will be especially busy.
*We are looking for a few supplies, especially for this upcoming week.  On Monday and Tuesday, we will need garden forks and spades, as well as hand tools.  Our goal is to prepare the soil for planting.  If you have any extra bags of soil, compost, or peat, we would like to add it to the soil.  If you have any questions, please contact Anita Yorke at
Thank you for your support.
Friday, May 10th is the last day to order the beautiful YEARBOOKS that are compiled by our talented, Mrs. Hart. A special thank you to Mrs. Hart for capturing so many special memories for our school community. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated photographer take on this project. Cost of the yearbook is $35.00. Check previous emails for ordering information or contact the office.
Friday, May 17th is the last day to submit orders for the Growing Smiles Fundraiser that PAC has organized. Last year the plants and flowers were amazing and we anticipate the same high quality again this year. Ordering information was sent home with students last Wednesday so please check agendas and backpacks if you have not seen this information.
The Bert Ambrose Track and Field Day for students from Grades 3-6 will be held on Thursday, May 16. We have placed an order for good weather but Mother Nature does not always grant our requests. We require a number of parent helpers to make sure the day runs smoothly and is a safe, fun day. Please return the volunteer form that was sent home with your child last week if you are able to assist us that day. We appreciate the support of our parents (and grandparents).  THANK YOU!!
Lastly, I was asked to forward this information to parents about an upcoming workshop: Wednesday May 22 – Dancing in the Early Years Educator’s Workshop

Wednesday, May 22 @ 6PM
North Peace Cultural Centre

$20 per person (16 & older)
Perfect for educators, artists, dance/music/theatre teachers, parents, program coordinators
Participants are invited to dress with comfortable clothes for moving, a water bottle and a note book.This workshop is for educators, parents or artists of various disciplines working with the very young to explore benefits and strategies for more dance in their curriculum. The workshop starts with a conversation and exchange on the topic of dance in the early years to assess the needs of the group and create a community of peers. We will explore Foolish Operations’ strategies for relationship-based dance exercises that respond to children’s attachment needs and respects the physical developmental stages of children in the early years. The workshop will close with self-care relaxing movement exercises. Julie Lebel graduated with a B.F.A. in Dance and is a choreographer specializing in community engaged arts and dance in the early years.
Looking forward to another great week at Bert Ambrose!!
Ms. Wright
Parent – Week Ahead 2018-19 (8)