This week at Ambrose- Jan 22-26

Good Afternoon,

Please find attached “The Week Ahead” for January 22-26.
Just a few update from the school with respect to staffing …
  • Mrs. Larsh will be away from the building as we have a case of Fifth’s Disease in the school. This is also known as “Slapped Cheek” as the telltale sign is a bright red rash on the cheek. This communicable disease presents a risk to pregnant women so we are needing to keep Mrs. Larsh safe. (This was not how Mrs. Larsh planned to share her news but we can now share our excitement for the new addition that will be joining her family in the summer!) – Mrs. Erica McNaughton has been covering in her absence and will be back on Monday.
  • Ms. Trockstad and Mrs. Lavoie will be absent next week due to a death in the family. Sending them our condolences from the school community.  Mrs. Marlene Stregger is in for Mrs. Lavoie and Mrs. Deb Martin will be in for Ms. Trockstad.
  • Mrs. McKinnon is also dealing with family issues and Mrs. Jan Waldorf has been covering her class.
We noticed an increase in hands-on and disrespectful behaviour this week so will revisit this topic at our Monday morning assembly. It would be wonderful if you could remind your child of the 4 Guiding Words for the school …. Safe – Respectful – Responsible – Kind.  Ms. Breakkas and I use these words when talking to students at the office and students are able to see how their actions fall outside of the parameters of those expectations.
Lastly, just a reminder to parents that students are not to be using technology on the playground.  Many students have cell phones, iPads, etc but these are to remain in backpacks during the school day. If there is an urgent need for you to contact your child during the school day, your best option is to contact the office and Mrs. Selin will relay the message to your child. Students have been reminded of the need to come to the office to use their cell phone if they need to contact home during the day; we do not prevent them from calling but simply request they follow the same protocol as if they needed to use the student phone.  Thank you for your support in reinforcing this expectation for our students.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Wright