This Week at Ambrose- Mar 4-8

Hello Parents and Guardians,
An early edition of The Week Ahead as I wanted to include a reminder about tomorrow’s YOGA BY DONATION class at 1:00 pm in the gym for the Grade 6 Barkerville Fundraiser. Hope to see some of our families out to enjoy this event.
March came in feeling very much like winter had returned … hard to believe “Spring Break” is only two weeks away. Although we have some exciting activities taking place over the next two weeks, please remind your child of the need to remain focused on their school work. As well, it would be extremely beneficial to implement a set reading time during the two-week break. Scheduling 15-20 minutes daily will make a huge difference in your child’s reading ability; especially important for our beginning readers. Some families have implemented device-free times and everyone reads together – what a great way to model the importance of reading for your children! An added bonus – quiet time for you to sneak in a chapter of your favuorite novel or current “how-to” book!
On Wed., March 6, seven classes from the school will be going skiing at the Worsley Ski Hill. Please remember that students participating in this event need to be at the school by 7:15 am as buses are leaving promptly at 7:30 am. Thank you to our teachers and Mrs. Selin for all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making this a safe, fun activity for everyone. It is important to note this is a “closed activity” which means the hill is not open to the public so you will not be granted access to skiing or snowboarding if you have not pre-registered through the school and attended the parent orientation session.
*IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT HOT LUNCH THIS WEEK – No hot lunch on Wednesday. This date has been moved to Thurs. March 7 to accommodate the ski trip. (Thank you Mrs. Herriot – we owe you big time for this!!)
Please note that Wed. March 13 and Thurs. March 14 are District Early Dismissal Days. Students will be dismissed one hour early – at 1:45 pm. It is appreciated when all students are picked up on time as this allows staff time to meet with parents or collaborate for planning. Thank you in advance for adding these dates to your electronic calendars or putting a reminder on your phones.
Ready, Set, Learn is a program for 3 and 4 year olds and their parents. Mrs. Stewart will be holding 5 Wednesday sessions from 1:30-2:30 pm starting on April 3; the execption being Wed. April 24 when the session with be from 6:00-7:00 pm to allow for more dads to participate. Please pre-register through the office. This is a great opportunity to bring your little one to the school to participate in pre-school activities and help them become familiar with our school community. Please note this program is not for our students who will be coming to Kindergarten in the Fall – they will have their turn with our Welcome To Kindergarten event in June.
For parents of students in Grade 5 – please note that the District Band Tour and Recruitment session will be held at 11:00 am in the school gym. District Band is a great opportunity for your child to participate in music lessons with minimal cost to the family. There are many benefits of music instruction but it is important for parents and students to understand that joining band is a full year commitment. It is not a drop-in activity nor can a student simply decide to withdraw part way through the year. Students are bussed to Margaret Ma Murray Community School two afternoons per week and there is an expectation for them to attend evening band (I think it is once per week but it may be less often than that now; I am relying on my memory of when my own children participated in the Band program). Parents are welcome to join us on Wednesday if they are interested in seeing the playing results of the District Band Program.
Lastly, please note the closing date for ordering Hot Lunches for Term 3. Online orders close at midnight on Wed. March 6 and paper orders should be submitted to the office by the same date. A big thank you to our Hot Lunch Coordinator, Kelly Herriot for all of the work she puts into running this program for the school. We appreciate her efforts tremendously!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Wright Parent – Week Ahead 2018-19 (2)