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A reminder about homework during vacations:
Homework for Vacations:
Every year we are approached by an increasing number of parents who wish to take their child(ren) out of school for extended periods of time. Usually this is for reasons associated with family plans or family business. We do not have a procedure for granting students a “leave of absence”. Rather it is assumed that parents will make decisions in the best interest of their own child. We are respectful of the fact that many of our families have family members that live far away, and spending time with them is important. Difficulties arise, however, when parents wish to have some reassurance that their child will not be “behind” in their work when they return. If your child misses school for extended periods of time he or she will be “behind” in classroom work. Students may well have other cultural travel experiences that contribute to their overall development, but the many varied daily classroom activities they will miss cannot be duplicated by worksheets or workbooks. We are not in the position to provide assignments for children who have extended absences due to family plans. Rather we are providing a list of suggest activities that are designed to assist parents with planning for their child’s educational needs while traveling:

  1. Set time aside for reading
  2. Set time aside for writing a journal or diary
  3. Keep a scrapbook of the events and places visited
  4. Keep a math journal with relation to money, distances and time.

We will be happy to see what your child has accomplished upon his or her return, but will not be evaluating or marking these activities. It is your right to take your child out of school due to family circumstances, but once you have exercised that privilege, you must also accept the responsibility of your child’s education during that absence.
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