Week Ahead

Last Week Ahead 2012/2013:
Good Morning Everyone:  Well, it is time to say thank you and farewell.

It is difficult to put into words, but Bert Ambrose has been an amazing part of my life for ten years!
What an unbelievable experience!  Awesome students, exceptional teachers, and staff, and magnificent parents.

Thank You for being so supportive and giving me so many wonderful memories.
Looking ahead to September 2013, Bert Ambrose is in great hands with Mrs. Shuster and Mr. Ritchie.

The Week Ahead:

Monday June 24th:

9:00 am Kindergarten/Gr. 1:  Picnic

9:00 am Filmer (golfing)

Tuesday June 25th
1:00 pm Mrs. Broderick (Kindergarten Celebration)

3:00 pm IEP: Filmer, Trockstad, McCracken

Wednesday June 26th:

12:45 Talent Show
3:00 pm IEP (Mr. Burkinshaw, Ms Trockstad, McCracken)

Thursday June 27th:

8:45 am  Ouellette Celebration to 10:00 am
10:45 am Year End Awards Assembly
11:45 Report Cards handed out and dismissal:
          Staff luncheon to follow!

Friday June 28th:  Administration Day

Have a great week!  ” Adieu for now, I am smiling because it happened.”

D. McCracken

June 16th 2013:
Good Afternoon Everyone:  A quick thank you to Mrs. McKinnon and all the volunteers for Primary Fun Day!  The rain just about held off long enough on Friday morning!
I believe our Slow Pitch games are now complete, thank you Mrs. Barr and Mrs. London for looking after our girls!

Also a special thank you to Robin Wittmack for organizing the Ambrose BBQ.

Exciting News:  Welcome aboard to the teaching staff of Bert Ambrose for 2013/2014
Mrs. Forster teaching Primary and Mrs. Lee who will be teaching Intermediate.

The Week Ahead:  June 17th to June 21st!
Monday June 17th:

WWP Inventory for the Gr. 6 Ipads!

3:00 pm IEP ( Mrs. Fraser, Ms. Trockstad, Mr. McCracken)

Tuesday June 18th:

3:00 pm IEP (Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Birley, and Mr. McCracken)

Wednesday June 19th:

3:00 pm IEP (Mrs. McKinnon, Mr. McCracken, Mrs. Birley)

Thursday June 19th:

3:00 pm IEP ( Mrs. Watchel, Ms. Trockstad and Mr. McCracken)

Friday June 21st:

Mr. Filmer goes to Pioneer Village in Dawson Creek>

3:00 Pm IEP: ( Mr. Burkinhaw, Ms. Trockstad, Mr. McCracken)

Have a great week!  ” Children will live up to what you believe in them.”

D. McCracken
Good Morning Everyone  Thanks so much to everyone who helped out with this year’s District Track Meet.
To our coaches, Mr. Frankham/Mr. Filmer and Mrs. London a special thank you!
To our parents thanks so much for your patience and help!
To our 68 students, they were totally awesome!
It was a great day and the the results will be out in the next few days!
Monday June 10th
Sewall Game Farm for Watchel & Burkinshaw
K’s Community Tour
3:00 pm IEP Mtg for Mr. Frankham, Mr. McCracken, Ms. Trockstad.
Tuesday June 11th:
PAC Mtg 6:30 pm Babysitting provided!
Wednesday June 12th
Fish Creek for Mrs. Fraser
3:00 pm Staff Meeting3:00 pm IEP Mtg.  Burkinshaw/Shuster/Birley
4:00 pm District Sports Committee Meeting at Central
Thursday June 13th
9:00 am Blueberry Camp here to visit classes.
2:40 pm Bus leaves for Slowpitch at Surerus Park.
Friday June 14th
Primary Fun Day in the morning.
3:30 pm IEP Mtg Mr. Filmer, Mr. McCracken, Ms. Trockstad
Have a great week!   ”  He who has health has everything.”

Good Evening Everyone:  Wow!  The first week of June is here!

Monday June 3rd:

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm  Pitch In:  All classes have maps and be reminded to bring all garbage bags back to the school.  ( Freezies are available upon return to the school.)

3:00 pm IEP Mtg. Mrs. Tacey/Mrs. Birley/Mrs. Shuster

Tuesday June 4th:

9:30 am to 11:00 am  Welcome to KIndergarten in the Ambrose Gymnasium.

4:00 pm Coaches Mtg. for Track & Field. at DDC.

Wednesday June 5th:

Softball B.C. Coordinator here for :

9:00 am Mrs. Barr   9:45 Mrs. London   10:45 Mr. Filmer   11:30 Mr. Frankham

9:00 am College Visit for Ms. Yorke’s Class

Thursday June 6th:

3:00 pm Slowpitch at Surerus Park for both Boy’s and Girl’s Teams

Friday June 7th

District Track & Field Meet at Bert Bowes Field.

Have a great week!  ” True success is constantly seeking more.”

D. McCracken

The Week Ahead: ( Last week of May) Good Afternoon Everyone:   A wonderful day it is!

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone involved in out Intermediate Track Meet.

From parent volunteers, to all the staff who helped make this a great day!  To (Mr. Frankham/ Mr. Burkinshaw/Mrs. Ollenberger/Mrs. Zoerb)  all your efforts are totally appreciated. (Thank You).

Also to Paul Hann/Mr. Filmer/Mrs. Zabinski and to our staff and our students, Thank You for coming out last Tuesday evening to celebrate our last time show with Mr. Hann.

Monday May 27th:
3:30 pm The last PBS Team Mtg at the DDC for Mrs. Larsh & Mr. Filmer.
North Peace Cultural Center (user group meeting at 6:30 pm)

Tuesday May 28th:

Doig Days ( Grade 4’s)  Annual Doig Day Celebration.

District Safety Committee Pro D all day at the Quality Inn 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Wednesday May 29th:

Collaboration Time ( am:  Ouellette/Larsh/Broderick/McKinnon/Eastwwod)
                               ( pm:  Yorke/Tacey/Fraser/Frankham/Watchel/Filmer )

Thursday May 30th:

Last Day for Band

Friday May 31st:

Have a great week!  ” If a window of opportunity arises don’t pull down the shade.”

D. McCraken

The Week Ahead:
May 21st to May 24th.

Good Morning Everyone:    A quick congratulations to our speech participants from last Tuesday!

The speeches were awesome!  This year we are sending three students to the District Speech Competition.
( Kobe Tullock, Maddie Bickford, and Riley Greer).  A special thank you to Raena Shuster and our City Councilor,
Byron Stewart for judging this event!
A busy week ahead!

Tuesday May 21st:  Paul Hann is back to do an evening performance at 7:00 pm in our gym.

Paul Hann is planning on retiring, so this may be his final time visiting Bert Ambrose.

Wednesday May 22nd: Sheldon Casavant Cultural Presentation:  8:45 am( Magic Show)

Thursday May 23rd:  District Speech Competition at the Cultural Centre 9:00 am

1:00 pm Literacty Rep Mtg. at the DDC.

Friday May 24th:

Our Intermediate Track Meet (All Day)

Have a great week!  ” The best thing about the future is that it comes just one day at a time.”

D. McCracken
The Week Ahead: May 13th to May 17th

Good Morning Everyone:
I would like to begin by thanking Mrs. Hagen a member of our School Planning Council for participating in our annual school planning day last Friday!  Bert Ambrose is very fortunate has such a wonderful, collaborative staff, and together we developed a basic template to focus on in 2013/2014.  During the planning day we talked about our greatest needs and we also talked about a dress code and a formula to set up classes in September.
For your information:

Dress Code:  To wear tops with spaghetti straps that are at least 3cm wide.

To not wear midriiff tops.

To wear shorts that are one hand width above the knee.

To not wear t-shirts that have inappropriate messages on them.

Class Setup:  Student placement is based upon learning, and to meet educational needs.

Requests for student placement for September will be taken provided they are in
writing and address educational needs.

The Week Ahead:
Monday May 13th:
9:00 am to 3:00 pm : Postive Behavior Support Mtg. (DDC) Mrs. Larsh & Mrs. Shuster
Paul Hann is here all week!
Tuesday May 14th:
1:00 pm to 2:20 pm:  Bert Ambrose Intermediate Speech Competition in the gymnasium.
Wednesday May 15th:
1:00 pm in the gymnasium Paul Hann mini concert for the Kindergarten’s and Grade 1’s.
Thursday May 16th:
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm School District #60 Transportation Meeting regarding busing for next year,
at the Board Office.
Friday May 17th:
1:00 pm Virtue’s Assembly with Paul Hann
On Tuesday May 21st at 7:00 pm Paul Hann will do an evening performance for parents and guests who are unable to make the Friday afternoon show.
Have a great week!  ” How beautiful everyday is, when it is touched by kindness.”

D. McCracken
May 06th 2013

A huge thank you to all our badminton players and parents for your support . I know Thursday and Friday at NPSS were very long days..  We will address the time concerns,  for next year!  Hopefully it was fun!!!
Looking to the Week Ahead:
9:30 am Cultural Centre ( Frankham & Watchel)  to see the Dance Presentations
11:00 am  Cultural Centre ( Burkinshaw, Filmer & Fraser) to see the Dance Presentations
8:00 am Leadership Mtg. (Mr. Filmer TIC)
McHappy Day
7:00 Spring Band Concert : Cultural Center
Pro D School not in session for students;
2013 Planning Day
Have a great week!
” Praise like gold and diamonds owes its value to its sincerity.”

D. McCracken
April 29th: The Week Ahead

Good Morning Everyone:  What a wonderful morning it is!
I see the busses have been cancelled this morning!

The Week Ahead looks relatively quiet, or should I say cold!

Monday April 29th

Tuesday April 30th:

Leadership Mtg. at the Board Office
Mr. Filmer in charge.
11:00 am Band Assembly
11:45 am Gr. 5’s meet with band. (Mrs. Montgomery)

Wednesday May 1st:

Newsletter for May goes home!

Thursday May 2nd:

Elementary Badminton Tourney starts at NPSS at 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Friday May 3rd:

Elementary Badminton Tourney at NPSS 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Have a great week!

” When the weather is bad, we can take comfort in the thought it could always be worse. And when it is, we can find hope that it could always be better.”

D. McCracken
April 22nd: The Week Ahead:  Congratulations are in order for our newly appointed Superintendent!

David Sloan the former Assistant Superintendent will now take on this role.  (Congratulations)
I am wondering if we are going to have snow for twelve months this year, as we look ahead to the third week in April!
Also I see just seven school days left in April before we enter into May.
The week ahead looks relatively quiet:Monday April 22nd
Tuesday April 23rd
Wednesday April 24th
Thursday April 25th
Jeans Day:( BC Childrens Hospital Foundation)
12:45 Short Assembly:  Camp Sagitawa Presentation
Friday April 26th:
Have a great week!  “Teaching awakens individual expectations.”

D. McCracken
April 15th 2013.  Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks so much for making Missoula Theatre a huge success this year!

The Secret Garden was an awesome experience!  Also a special thank you
to the Filmer’s for hosting the Missoula Team!

Monday April 15th:

Tuesday April 16th

8:00 am Leadership Mtg. at the DDC
Class Photos starting at 9:00 am (Library)

Wednesday April 17th

Hot Lunch Day:  Pizza

Thursday April 18th

Friday April 19th

Science World in our gymnasium
For everyone:   12:30 setup & show at  1:00 pm “Extra Sensory Science”

Have a great week!  ” Leadership is about making learning contagious.”

D. McCracken
April 07 2013     Good Afternoon Everyone:  The week ahead looks great with Missoula Theatre here.

(The Secret Garden)  On Friday our entire school will go to the North Peace Cultural Centre for a 1:00 pm show.  The buses will leave the school at 12:45 pm and return at 2:15 pm.  We will not send permission slips home because the whole school is going.  The 7:00 pm evening performance is for our parents and general public, the cost is $8.00 for Adults and $6.00 for Students & Seniors.
Audition permission slips for the Secret Garden went home last Wednesday and on Monday, tomorrow after school at 3:00 pm the auditions will take place in our gymnasium.  There are approximately 60 parts for our students, so I apologize up front that not everyone who auditions will get a part.  Once the cast is set a practice schedule will be handed out and some students will have a rehearsal Monday after the auditions.
Ready, Set, Learn These sessions for three and four year olds and their parents. Sessions are facilitated by Mrs. Shuffler with special guests. These are held from 1:30 -2:30 in our school library. Please pre-register for as many sessions as you wish at 250-785-2321. Invite others who you think may be interested.
Thursday, April 11th – focus on Gross Motor Skills
Thursday, April 18th – focus on Speech and Language
Thursday, April 25th – focus on Literacy and Mathematics
Monday April 8th:  Missoula Auditions for the Secret Garden at 3:00 pm in our gym.
Rehearsal for the cast in the Library and Gymnasium. after the auditions.
Tuesday April 9th:
Parent Advisory Council Mtg in our Library at 6:30 to 7:30 pm, babysitting provided.
Regional Science Fair for fourteen of our students.  At NPSS all day!
3:30 pm Dr. Kearney Here to meet with Mrs.Barr & Mrs. London.
Missoula” Rehearsal for the cast in the Room #1 and Gymnasium.
Wednesday April 10th:
Missoula: Rehearsal for the cast in the Library and Gymnasium. after 3:00 pmThursday April 11th:
Friday April 12th:
Missoula Theatre: The Secret Garden.  The school based show is at 1:00 pm, the buses leave the school at 12:45 and return 2:15 pm.
The Evening Performance is for Parents and the General Public.  Adults $8.00 & Students and Seniors $6.00 per ticket.
Thanks PAC for you awesome support!
Have a great week!  “Work ethic should be measured by tread not mileage.”
D. McCracken

April 01, 2013

Spring Break was great, but I wish the weather would stop teasing us!

Wow, just three months until the end of this school year! Time is certainly flying by!

I hope your Easter Weekend was relaxing with family and friends.
Let’s look ahead to the first week in April!
Badminton is getting underway for Gr. 5 and Gr. 6. students.
A practice schedule to follow.
For parents of new Kindergarten children please plan to register for
Kindergarten as soon as you can. Also for anyone who may be moving
out of the Bert Ambrose attendance area please let us know!  (Thank You)Tues.  April 2nd:
Welcome back everyone:
Wed.   April 3rd:
Staff Mtg: 3:00 pm
Thurs. April 4th:
Friday April 5th:
4:00 pm Coaches Mtg. for Badminton at Charlie Lake.
Next week Missoula Theatre is at our school.  Audition permission slips
will go home this Wednesday.  There are parts for about 60 children!
Please plan ahead to attend the Bert Ambrose performance of
“The Secret Garden” Friday at the North Peace Cultural Center at 7:00 pm.
A reminder also that the Regional Science Fair is at North Peace Secondary
next Tuesday April 9th.
Have a great week!  “The future is always about learning.”

D. McCracken
Good Morning Everyone:  March 10th 2013
I would like to take a moment and thank Mrs. Ollenberger
for organizing the Bert Ambrose Science Fair!  Also a special
thank you to all the volunteer judges.  Ambrose will be sending
14 students to the Regional Science Fair April 9th.  (Well Done)
On Friday we are celebrating a Healthy Living Day with lots of activities.
Thank you Mrs.Tacey and Mrs. Barr for organizing this day!
Looking ahead to the next five days before Spring Break!
We would encourage everyone to register your Kindergarten
children as soon as you can!  Looking ahead to September our
classes are at the maximum limits. Please let us know if you are
planning to move, either to a new city or out of the Bert Ambrose
attendance area!  (Thank you)
Monday March 11th:
Gr. 4’s Swimming:  Bus departure 12:45 returns 2:20 pm
Tuesday March 12th:
Report Cards go home at 2:45 pm
P.A.C. Meeting 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm ( Babysitting provided)
Wednesday March 13th
Early Dismissal Day: 1:45 pm
Thursday March 14th
Early Dismissal Day 1:54 pm
Friday March 15th
Healthy Living Day (School wide activities)
Last day before Spring Break, school resumes Tuesday April 2nd!
Have a great week!  “The influence of teaching lasts an eternity.”
D. McCracken
March 4th to March 9th :  Good Morning Everyone:
Looking back to the last week of February I would like to thank
Sheri Anderson for taking the time to do Yoga with our students.
The students had lots of fun!
*  Basketball is officially completed for this season, and I would like
to thank all the students who participated. (fifty to be exact) and
all to our parents thank you for supporting this activity.  It was lots of fun!
A special thank you to Mr. McPherson and Mrs. Ollenberger for coaching
this year!
*  Last week we signed up for a wonderful “Reading Resource”,
(www.tumblebooks.com).  Please check it out!
Our login is = bertambrose  and the Password is = books
* Badminton will begin for Grades 5 and 6 in the mornings only.
Girls, Monday and Wednesdays and Boys, Tuesday and Thursdays.
(Not this Tuesday as the Science Fair has the gym.)
Looking ahead we have lots of activities going on in the two short
weeks before Spring Break!
Monday March 4th:
Purdy’s Chocolate order arrives!  ( going to the library for sorting)
Science Fair Projects set up at 12:30 pm in the gymnasium.
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm Parents must accompany students to see all
the projects in the gym!
Tuesday March 5th:
Science Fair Judging in the gym all morning!
Classroom visits in the afternoon check signup!
2:15 pm take down science projects!
Wednesday March 6th:
1:00 pm : District Safety Committee Meeting at the DDC.
Thursday March 7th:
Friday March 8th:
Yea!  P.J. Day for all students!  Get comfortable and wear your pj’s!
Points for your house team!
Have a great week!  ” Hearing doesn’t mean you’re listening. ”
D. McCracken
Next week:
Report Cards go home on Tues. March 12th
PAC Mtg. Tuesday March 12th 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Library
Early Dismissal Days:  Wed. March 113th  & Thurs. March 14th at 1:45 pm
Friday March 15th:  Healthy Living Day
Spring Break March 18th to April 1st
(School back in session Tuesday. April 2nd!)
Feb 25th to March 01st
Good Morning Everyone:  Wow, time is flying by!
The last week of February is here with a Pro D Day this Friday!
Bert Ambrose Elementary has signed up with Tumble Books for one year!
This is a wonderful resource for extra reading:  for teachers and parents!
The web site is www.tumblebooks.com
login is bertambrose
password is books
Please check it out when you get time!
Monday February 25th:
9:00 am Mrs. Hartman here.
Tuesday February 26th:
8:00 am Leadership Mtg.
YOGA all day in the gym.
3:00 IEP Mtg. Ms Yorke/Ms. Trockstad/Mrs. Maxfield/Mrs. Shuster.
Wednesday February 27th: “PINK DAY”  ANTI BULLYING DAY
YOGA morning only in the gym!
1:00 Virtue’s Assembly “Pink Day” Anti Bullying Theme
3:00 pm IEP Mr. Burkinshaw/Miss Roberts/Mr. McCracken/Ms. Trockstad
Thursday February 28th:
YOGA in the gym all day.
3:00 pm Gr. 6 Boy’s Elementary Basketball Tourney at NPSS till 7:45 pm
Friday March 1st:
Pro D Day:  Students not in session!
3:00 pm Gr. 6 Girl’s Elementary Basketball Tourney at NPSS till 7:45 pm
Looking Ahead:
Ambrose Science Fair Open to Parents Monday March 4th: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Judging Tuesday March 5th:  8:30 am to 12:30 pm  & Class visits 12:45 pm to 2:00 pm
Have a great week!  Teaching is the profession that precedes all others.”
Feb 18th t Feb 22nd
Good Afternoon Everyone:  The sun is shining, so I hope everyone is having a great day!
A quick thank you to everyone who helped with 100’s day last Wednesday, lots of fun!!!
Also last Thursday:  Flying Bob was awesome!  A fantastic show!
The Week Ahead:  Looks relatively quiet as we get close to the end of February!
Monday Feb. 18th:  Social Responsibility Inservice:  Mr. Filmer/Mrs. Larsh/Mr. McCracken
3:00 IEP Mtg:  Mr. Frankham/Mr. McCracken/Miss Roberts/
Tuesday Feb 19th:
3:00 pm IEP Meeting:  Ms Yorke/Mrs. Maxfield/Ms. Millar/
Basketball Gr. 4/5 Girls home vs Alwin Holland
Wednesday Feb 20th:
Basketball Gr. 6 Girls go to Central
Thursday Feb 21st:
Basketball Gr. 6 Boys go to CLS
Gr. 4/5 Boys home vs Robert Ogilvie
Friday Feb 22nd:
3:00 pm IEP Meeting  Mrs. Watchel/Mr. McCracken/Miss Roberts
Have a great day!   ” Learning is about meeting frustration with effective solutions.”
D. McCracken
Feb 11th to Feb 15th
Good Morning Everyone:  I trust “Family Day” was enjoyed by one and all!
In the Week Ahead our school is doing a Coin Drive to support one
of our own students who suffered a broken leg last Tuesday.  We are
wishing Marshall a speedy recovery and would like to carry out the
fundraiser Tuesday to Friday this week!  (Thank you!)
Tuesday February 12th:
2:35 Gr. 4/5 Girl”s Basketball Team goes to Duncan Cran
3:00 pm Gr. 6 Girl’s Basketball here vs. Clearview
6:30 pm P.A.C. Meeting in the Library (Babysitting Provided)
Wednesday February 13th
100’s Day is here!  Afternoon Activities for Primary Students.
2:35 Gr. 6 Boy”s Basketball go to Finch
Thursday February 14th
1:30 pm Cultural Presentation “Flying Bob” in our gym
2:35 pm Gr. 4/5 Boy’s Basketball go to Alwin Holland
3:00 pm Gr. 6 Boy’s Basketball here vs Duncan Cran
Friday February 15th
Have a great week!  D. McCracken
” Care about people, Care about what you do
and the rest will take Care of itself.”
Morning Everyone: February is here &  this is Interim Week!
Monday February 4th:
Gr. 6 Boy’s Basketball go to Central
3:00 pm IEP Meeting Mr. Burkinshaw, Mrs. Shuster,
Tuesday February 5th:
8:00 am Leadership Mtg. at the DDC
2:35 pm Gr. 4/5 Girl’s Basketball go to Finch
3:00 pm Gr. 6 Girl’s Basketball here vs. Robert Ogilvie
Wednesday February 6th:
3:00 pm Staff Meeting
Thursday February 7th:
3:00 pm Gr. 4/5 Boy’s here vs. Central
Friday February 8th:
Have a great week!
” Good, better, best, don’t rest until your your good is better
and your better is better than your best!”
D. McCracken
Good Morning Everyone: Wow!  (Last week of January for 2013 and it is very cold!)
The Week Ahead has a Friday Professional Development Day.
Monday January 28th:
Roots of Empathy: (Mrs. Shuster)
Tuesday January 29th:
Girl’s Basketball:  Gr. 6 Alwin Holland here.  Gr. 4/5 go to Central.
Wednesday January 30th:
District Safety Committee Mtg. 1:00 pm DDC.
Thursday January 31st:
Boy’s Basketball: Gr. 6 here vs. Alwin Holland.  Gr. 4/5 get a bye.
Friday February 01st:    Students not in session!
Have a great week!  Practice is an invitation to perfection” !
D. McCracken
Good Morning Everyone:
A quick thank you to Angie Pomeroy, for teaching dance to
everyone in the school last week, it was lots of fun!
The week ahead! (Relatively quiet!)
Monday January 21st:
Tuesday January 22nd:
Basketball begins:  Gr. 6 Girls home vs Finch
Gr. 4/5 Girls go to Robert Ogilvie
Wed. January 23rd:
Thurs. January 24th:
Basketball Gr. 6 Boys go to Taylor and
Gr. 4/5 Boys home to Duncan Cran
Friday January 25th:
Have a great week!  ” Education is the road to success.”
D. McCracken
Good Morning Everyone:
The Week Ahead is very exciting with Angie Pomeroy here
to teach dance to everyone!
Mon. Jan. 14th:  Dance begins today with Angie Pomeroy in our gym!
Tues. Jan. 15th:  8:00 am Leadrship Mtg at the DDC.
PAC Mtg tonight.  6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.   Babysitting provided!
Wed. Jan. 16th: 3:00 pm Staff Meeting in the Library
Thurs. Jan. 17th:  Family Dance Night at Ambrose 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Students to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Friday Jan. 18th:
Basketball Games start next week!
” Dream for the stars, because every dream precedes the goal.
Have a great week!
D. McCracken