The following is a message from the PAC. Please take note – helpers are needed if we wish to have a yearbook this year.

As most of you are aware Bert Ambrose has published a yearbook for many years. Unfortunately  our team of parents who have done this in the past have moved on to middle school. This is a big job for one person and we wont be able to complete it without help from some parents. If you have taken photos of any school event this year PLEASE email them to  or upload them to the app “replay it” It is as simple as downloading the app, finding Bert Ambrose (look for the green gator) creating an account and loading your snapshots! We think it would works best if we could find a parent rep. from each class to take pictures, who could stay in touch with the teacher regarding fun events happening in their own child’s classroom. The parent would pass the photos along to the yearbook committee in whatever manner was more accommodating for them. If we cannot find a rep for each class we will be cancelling the 2015/16 yearbook. If this is something you could help out with please email your name and child’s teacher  where I can further assist you and create a list of potential picture takers.